Monsters with personal problems, dirty bureaucracy, and secrets in the sticks.

Normal is what you get used to.

The backwoods Appalachian town of Harbor poses a question on its dilapidated welcome sign:

“Are You Home?”

Sam Greer reluctantly is. Thankfully, Al Greer is there to welcome her little brother back. His arrival, however, makes waves in her own life, revealing a perplexing group of neighbors that Al has secretly worked alongside for years - non-Human creatures called Cryptids, who have alarming attributes and a multitude of personal problems. The siblings are thrust back-to-back as a swell of forces pull them into bizarre feuds.

All as Harbor begins to stir from it’s sleepy complacency...

Al and Sam are, for better or worse, home.

Listen to the first half of

Harbor Season one


The last half of Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10,

will be released Mid November 2019

Harbor is a fiction podcast intended for mature audiences with instances of language, violence and implied sexual situations. Listener discretion is advised.

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