Monsters with personal problems, dirty bureaucracy, and secrets in the sticks.

Normal is what you get used to.

The backwoods Appalachian town of Harbor poses a question on its dilapidated welcome sign:

“Are You Home?”

Sam Greer reluctantly is. Thankfully, Al Greer is there to welcome her little brother back. His arrival, however, makes waves in her own life, revealing a perplexing group of neighbors that Al has secretly worked alongside for years - non-Human creatures called Cryptids, who have alarming attributes and a multitude of personal problems. The siblings are thrust back-to-back as a swell of forces pull them into bizarre feuds.

All as Harbor begins to stir from it’s sleepy complacency...

Al and Sam are, for better or worse, home.

Season 1 Reviews

"An absolute must for anyone that loves a great story about those things lurking at the edge of our imagination, and the people that share coffee with them at the office."

— Dorian Shaner, Facebook

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Harbor Season one


Harbor is a fiction podcast intended for mature audiences with instances of language, violence and implied sexual situations. Listener discretion is advised.

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