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Episode 3: The Field of Meat

Sibling bonding day.

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Written, Directed and Edited by M. Roke. Assistant Direction and Script Editing by Joseph Abplanalp. In association with Tartarus Jenny Studios.

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Sedum Nuller - Marcus Cannello

Fergum - Joseph Abplanalp

Al Greer - M. Roke

Teeny - Catherine McGuire

Valen Of-The-Hollow - Samantha Weiler

Samson Greer - Zach Walker

Narrator - Kiarra Osakue Glenda Dickson - Gretchen Ho App Driver - Linda Mcquade Crux Prosody - Jack Peacock Roose - Jacque Reiman

Thanks to Epidemic Sound and Soundsnap.

Content Warnings:

Gore. Swearing. Alcohol. Alcohol Abuse.

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